QuickDuck is the new DeFi Yield Aggregator on the Polygon Network (MATIC). The project was created by an experienced team of smart-contract developers and implements the best farming system mechanics, from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and transfers them to Polygon!
The QuickDuck Protocol offers farmers to improve their farming efficiency by optimizing Polygon's yield compounding strategies. Users deposit QuickSwap LP tokens into QuickDuck smart contracts, then deposited funds pooled into more LP tokens or more QUICKs for staking. Using compound interest for QuickDuck vaults performs higher farming profitability compared to vaults with simple interest.
QuickDuck proffers various farming strategies: for those who are looking for the highest income with minimal risks; and for those looking for high rewards for middle risk. From the very QuickDuck launch there will be 5-10 vaults immediately available, then number will gradually increase. The project team plans to make over 100 farming vaults for QuickSwap, SushiSwap and Cometh (the largest exchanges in the Polygon (Matic) network) available to QuickDuck users.
Farming vaults on the QuickDuck platform receive permission from private users through smart contracts to automatically summarize and reinvest yield. QUACK is the platform's own currency. Stake, Farm and Earn QUACK on QuickDuck!
QUACK: 0x3bC3807C32B39d92Ad31bFEF46437e3d495A7FC3
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