Liquidity outflow resistance
The main feature of the project is that there are no unsecured tokens in the system. The initial platform balances are created from the personal team’ funds.
This way makes impossible the situation when ordinary users’ profits fall under the Impermanent Loss situation. It is both a guarantee against a rate dump and a guarantee of a stable price increase due to the sale of previously issued tokens or project team tokens.
The entire model is completely transparent. There are no unsecured tokens. The team receives a small share of tokens for the administration of the platform, which are used for development and marketing.
The initial balance of the platform is created from the team's personal funds. The volume of emission of QUACK tokens is tied to the performance of all farming in vaults. This guarantees both a stable growth in the price of the QUACK token and an increase in liquidity volume.
Last modified 7mo ago
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