Tokenomics & Commission
Another great platform's advantage is its unique tokenomics. Any project participant receives a reward in both $ QUICK and $ QUACK. in proportion to the volume of primary profit and the volume of allocated funds.
For every $1 received as a reward in $QUICK, the user will receive an additional $3 in $QUACK. For liquidity placed in the LP vault with $QUACK, users will receive not 3 to 1, but 10 to 1 in $QUACK!
Since emission is proportional to the volume of the platform's profit, all farmers earn an equal percentage of profitability, despite the placing liquidity time and the time of entering the vault.
The commission from the profits of all vaults is 30%, of which 1⁄3 (10%) goes to the development of the project to stimulate rapid development, and 2⁄3 (20%) goes to the buyback of $QUACKs from QuickSwap. 10% of $QUACKs earned as a performance fees among all users goes to the team for further development and ecosystem evolution.
Since the issuance of $QUACK is based on the profit received from the commission, the model is stable and balanced!
Farming launches on May 16!
The commission from the all vaults profit is 30%, of which 1⁄3 (10%) goes to the project team to stimulate rapid development and promotion, and 2⁄3 (20%) goes to the buyback of $QUACK tokens from QuickSwap to enforce QUACK price stable growth. This commission does not apply to the QUACK / USDC vault and the QUACK staking vault.
Commission for early withdrawal 0.5% within 72 hours. Does not apply to the QUACK staking vault.
  • QuickDuck implements a mechanism against liquidity outflow. Get 100% profit after 28 days. NO FEES DEPOSIT ADDING/WITHDRAWING.
    From 1 to 14 days - 80% lock up profit
    On the 14th day, the user can withdraw 50% of the profit
    From 15 to 28 days - user can withdraw + 3.57% daily
    A user can take 100% of the profit from farming in 28 days.
    Does not apply to QUACK / USDC and staking QUACK.
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